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The Purpose of GPS Tracker Server in GPS Monitoring Program

A GPS tracker server is very low value monitoring software that could be put in in your laptop. With this particular, geofencing  it can save you the money you expend on GPS machine. It’s also possible to decide on from 3 options, automobile tracking, own monitoring, or fleet tracking. Furthermore, it provides you with real time monitoring details. You may pick out through the two sorts of maps available, Google map and Microsoft virtual earth maps. The price of the GPS tracker server commences at $5,200 along with the process is often upgraded at an extra cost.

Pc Specifications

The server supports only Home windows XP and Windows 2003. Additionally, you will need 2GB memory and 250GB hard drive room. In addition, your laptop or computer should have VPS or VDS server.

Serious Time Monitoring

Using a GPS tracker server you’ll be able to benefit from the gains of serious time tracking. You are able to know the precise locale of the car or truck, man or woman or fleet for the time. Also, you can keep track of the situation of more than one product in a time. It may possibly also guidance numerous buyers and all of them can keep track of a tool concurrently. If the tracking device improvements its position, the information is up-to-date immediately. Furthermore, you may change from one mapping to a different quickly.

Alarm Functions of GPS Tracker Server

Nearly all of the GPS servers are incorporated with numerous alarm features. This features SOS alarm, small power alarm, pace alarm and geofence alarm. The alarms are despatched as email alerts along with the server can send alerts to all buyers. When the electrical power of the monitoring device is very low, it sends an e mail message. This is certainly known as lower electricity alarm. Speed alarm is activated in the event the pace from the auto in which the tracking device is positioned exceeds the velocity restrict. Geofence alarm is activated when the monitoring machine exits the preset virtual boundary. The moment you get the alarm, you can reply to it by adhering to some simple techniques.

Get the Monitoring Heritage

The GPS tracker server is able of storing the heritage of monitoring. This enables you to definitely engage in back the heritage any time you wish. The heritage won’t be deleted even though you modify the type of map used. Also, it can save you the data in your personal computer as excel or PDF file and continue to keep it for upcoming reference.

Tracking Reports

The server also sends tracking reviews for the people. This report ship by your GPS tracker server includes distance report, alarm report and cease report.